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Dilan Uluc is a seasoned sales supervisor who achieves consistent growth in revenues and sales with one simple principle:

Care enough about your customers to give them better service than they ever imagined possible, and they will keep coming back for more.

Dilan Uluc applies this principle to the challenging, competitive environment of retail sales. We will have more to say about her philosophy of service a little later, but first, we will let Dilan Uluc introduce herself in her own words.

What Kind of Sales Supervisor Is Dilan Uluc?

Dilan Uluc is a seasoned retail sales supervisor.

That fact alone says something about Dilan Uluc. She has met the challenges of the truly challenging fast-paced environment of retail over the last two years, plus two years before that. She has dealt with the unique needs of every customer who walks in the door, and, like everyone who has persisted in retail over the last four years, has done it under the most difficult conditions of most of our lifetimes.

Dilan has been the person that complex customer issues get sent to when a floor salesperson says "I'll have to ask my supervisor." She finds ways to satisfy customers and close sales. She models the tact and honesty that her floor staff needs to achieve smooth customer relations and boost their own sales performance.

For Dilan Uluc, retail sales is a partnership, not a competition. She backs up her staff and coaches them not just in increasing sales, but also in maintaining professional ethical standards. She keeps the workplace upbeat with deft conflict resolution and a stellar sales career that provides many teachable moments.

And here are some of the principles Dilan Uluc works to instill in her staff.

Dilan Uluc's Principles of Sales as a Public Service

Dilan hasn't chiseled 10 commandments in stone, but she has articulated 10 principles of sales as a public service that every employee can actualize:

Focus. Dilan Uluc encourages everyone on the floor to focus on customer service, from which revenues naturally follow. She encourages her staff to write down the ways that they will offer to achieve new heights of customer satisfaction every day and asks them to refer to their list throughout the day to stay on track. Dilan Uluc encourages healthy aspirations in everyone with whom she works.

Partnership. Dilan Uluc encourages open communication for meeting challenges and achieving goals. The whole of customer service is greater than the sum of its parts. Dilan Uluc encourages staff to share their experiences and concerns for everyone's benefit.

Confidence. Everyone in retail sales has moments they aren't sure of themselves. Dilan Uluc nurtures confident floor sales representatives. Dilan creates "contagious" self-confidence that helps the whole team meet daily challenges with the knowledge they have the ability to meet their customers' real needs.

Initiative. Dilan Uluc rewards employees who do what they need to do without being told to do it. She creates a future generation of sales leaders and gives every employee an avenue for promotion and professional growth if they want to take it.

Enthusiasm. Dilan Uluc is passionate about products, and her enthusiasm inspires constructive approaches to meeting sales goals. Enthusiasm is magical in sales, but so is its corollary in her next principle.

Self-control. Anyone who works in retail learns the necessity of self-control over words and facial expressions very quickly. Dilan Uluc also inspires her team to control negative thoughts, keeping them in their place, using them to inspire positive action. For Dilan Uluc, both self-control and enthusiasm are ingredients of sales success.

Doing more than you are paid for. When you love your job, know your products, respect your colleagues, and are dedicated to serving your customers, it's only natural that you will exceed the expectations of your job description. Dilan Uluc realizes that salespeople excel when they are provided with a supportive environment.

Accuracy. Dilan Uluc encourages communication without gossip or innuendo. When there are urgent questions, she is the source of accurate answers. Dilan Uluc has a sense of humor, but discourages rumors or idle talk about important workplace issues. She practices facts-based leadership.

Concentration. Dilan Uluc does not practice hypnotic powers. But she encourages the power of autosuggestion to help her employees succeed. She imbues sales goals with positive emotions that keep them in the forefront of her employees' workday thoughts, helping them focus attention on the customers in front of them.

Cooperation. Dilan Uluc realizes that no one person is responsible for success, although front-line retail workers are indispensable to it. Dilan Uluc rewards effort but makes her sales floor cooperative rather than competitive, so everyone on the team earns not just financial rewards but also happiness.

Dilan Uluc strives to be a leader who helps her staff become better people as they provide better service. Dilan Uluc turns every incident into an opportunity to be better.


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